About Blue Ladder Renovations, LLC.

Blue Ladder Renovations was established by lifelong Nebraskans, Travis and Nikki Ray, in 2019. Travis grew up in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and learned the construction trade from his father-in-law, providing vast experience dating back to 1994. With a true passion for the construction process, Travis thoroughly enjoys bringing homeowners’ visions to life through his work.

“It is very important to make sure my customers are happy. My work is a part of me.”

Travis has immersed himself in the construction trade and has quickly become the trusted name in general contracting. With his concentration on quality and dependability, Travis can be seen by providing high quality general contracting services to his hometown of Scottsbluff, Nebraska and surrounding communities.

All Things Through Christ

From The Construction Trade, To Spreading God’s Word to Papua New Guinea

On the outside, Travis and Nikki Ray are husband and wife, parents of two daughters, and small business owners of Blue Ladder Renovations. Peel back the layers, and it is clear where their passion lies. Travis and Nikki Ray are, first and foremost, children of God from which all blessings flow.


God shows a need. In January of 2007, Travis felt God press on his heart and he joined a mission trip to New Orleans to assist with continued efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. It was at that point Travis knew that God had a plan for him, his wife, and their young family. Upon his return, he and his wife embarked down the path to become missionaries. From 2007 through 2009, they attended New Tribes Bible Institute (now Ethnos360) where they studied, and completed their Associates Degree in Cross Cultural Ministries and from 2009 to 2010 completed their missionaries training where they received their Bachelors of Cross Cultural Ministries. Christ was firmly planted in the heart of the Ray family.

Papua New Guinea

In 2011, Travis and Nikki began to raise support for their mission to Papua New Guinea. Through the grace of God, support was built from Church bodies, community, and individuals. This support afforded the needed funding for Travis and Nikki to begin their mission trip to Papua New Guinea, with their 13 and 15 year old daughters. From 2012 through 2021, time was spent learning the language, culture, and preparing to support the growth of Christianity to the rural parts (the bush) of Papua New Guinea. As the first year concluded, it was time for Travis to do what comes naturally; construction, design, and teaching the trade that was taught to him.

Houses, Buildings, Alphabet, and a Path to Christ

The following years leading up to 2021, presented growth of monumental proportions. Building ten houses and two buildings afforded new missionaries places to live and teach the people of Papua New Guinea. Reading Bible passages and holding Church services certainly held value, but with a larger goal of teaching the word of God that can then be communicated by indigenous people to other indigenous people, was going to take more. In addition to teaching construction skills that would allow growth through planning, design, and construction, literacy classes were formulated and held daily to teach the alphabet, writing, and communication.The foundation was set to bring the word of God to the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea.

Strong House Post

The people of Papua New Guinea alongside the missionaries provided growth, both spiritually and foundationaly for all. Through the years, the Ray family developed lifelong relationships as the word of God worked through them. Buildings were built, lessons were learned and God’s grace shined upon us all. As 2021 came to a close, Travis and Nikki returned to the United States with a new found look on life. As they lived amongst the nationals of Papua New Guinea teaching them new skills and sharing in their daily lives, the people of Papua New Guinea taught them strength of relationships, listening and enjoying each minute.

The mantra, “Strong House Post,” brings an emotional charge to the Ray family, reminding them of the time spent in Papua New Guinea.

“Taim yu wokim haus yu mas stretim graun pastaim na sanapim strongpela pos”

“To build a house that will last you need to have a strong foundation”

When Travis and Nikki were asked if a return to their mission in Papua New Guinea was in the future, the answer, “God knows,” was their comforting reply.